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In this time of crisis -
your help is urgently needed!

Glowbalact runs a social project in Israel, offering education, vocational integration, and mentoring to survivors of sex trafficking and abuse. Unfortunately, the ongoing conflict has restricted our operations, resulting in a notable decrease in demand for our products, that provides safe employment for our participants.

The circumstances

Our social business KitePride not only provides sheltered employment but also comprehensive care and social support for survivors of sex trafficking. The ongoin war has led to a decrease in demand for our products in Israel, impacting our ability to generate income from orders. Your support is now more crucial than ever!

Your Help Matters

People who suffer from PTSD often fear for their livelihoods especially during times of crisis and uncertainty. We want to ensure ongoing psychological care and financial security, safeguarding our participants from any additional risks associated with the ongoing war conflict. Your donation will make a significant impact on the wellbeing of those who have endured so much.

Life at KitePride
Mehr als eine Tasche

Help us protect wages for survivors in Israel

Together, we are ensuring that our participants continue to receive the support they need during this difficult time.

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